Allow Me To Introduce Myself

My name is Jan & I am a fully qualified coach & hypnotherapist to a master practitioner level.

Being a life long empowerer of others, I decided to put my natural skills to a more official use & took courses in coaching, CBT & more recently hypnotherapy where I was fortunate enough to be trained personally by the largest hypnotherapy board in the world - The American Board of Hypnotherapy, of which I am also a registered member of.

My services are completely insured too.

I focus on females & female issues & because I am one, I am confident that I can bring those life experiences & that empathy to our sessions. There will be no judgement or telling you what to do, I am the vehicle in which to bring about positive change & support in reaching your goals - whatever they may be. 

I will listen with sympathy & create a plan for your success & to help you to achieve your mission. 

In particular, I have a strong passion for the special survivors of domestic abuse & coercive control. My aim for these amazing warriors is to support their recovery, bringing about a renewed sense of confidence & esteem & a return of their precious self worth. I believe that self worth is the foundation of all progress & without it you are merely existing. Going nowhere. This may leave you vulnerable & unable to make decent life choices for yourself or void of the strength to say 'no'. Do you really want to follow the sheeple or be the driver of your own bus? 

The chances are, I have felt, thought, said or suffered just like you.