Domestic Abuse & Hypnotherapy

For domestic abuse survivors, leaving the situation physically is just the start. It is a long process to recover from such trauma, & the mindset that has been imposed on you stays present way after walking. You have probably been controlled & have lost sight of that once vibrant, bubbly & independent woman you once were. But, if you have walked, you are one of the luckier ones although you may not see it this way for now. This exit has given you another chance & a new opportunity that some, sadly did not get.

You're probably thinking you will never be free of your abuser. That they still sit behind every decision you try to make, like you've been brainwashed & programmed into their way of thinking. You wish you could just erase them from your mind, lose the mental shackles. You have lost all of your confidence, self esteem & self worth. You're a shadow of your former self. And why is it that you are still actually missing them when they have done all that they have done to you?

Imagine being free from control, doing things your own way with no one telling you that you can't. Wearing what you want. Going where you want. Going back to work, earning your own money. Having a damn social life!

Well, the good news is, you CAN. 

All those normal things that became 'wrong', reversed. And without guilt.

No more walking on egg shells. 

Freedom is in your hands.

I am passionate about empowering females who have left a domestic abuse situation. Combined with my skills in hypnotherapy, I will reset a healthy mindset & get you back on track. You may be surprised to learn, a new way of thinking can happen in as little as 21 days, which is quite amazing - the sooner you start, the sooner your reinvention begins.

The best form of revenge is SUCCESS. Yours.

During our hypnosis appointments, we will address your situation, ascertain what your future goals are & discuss where you want to be. I will then write a personalised script for you, working on confidence & your own sense of self.

I can also, put your abuser behind you - literally. Reducing in power until they disappear for good. 

If you are a survivor of abuse, I am the therapist for you. You are assured of five star treatment & the utmost empathy. This is my forte & I take a special interest in this, approaching the subject with determination & experience.