Weight Loss Self Hypnosis Recording

Lose weight whilst you sleep in the comfort of your own home!

This is a great recording for helping you to lose weight while you relax in your own environment, which some clients prefer for obvious reasons; you may not be local enough for a facing appointment or prefer to use hypnosis in your own space.

Help in losing weight is the top request for hypnotherapy, none more so than over lockdown so I've produced a generic recording with this in mind.

Just find a quiet spot where you won't be disturbed, relax & enjoy the soothing words to help you reinforce those goals, & it could be whilst you are comfortable in bed at night just before you nod off. A new mindset can be achieved in as little as three weeks & is best served with repetition so feel free to listen to your recording as often as possible.

Would you like more energy? 

Are you planning a special event that you want to look your best for? Being a healthy weight can reduce the risk of strokes & heart attacks, reverse type two diabetes & lengthen your life - imagine being able to play with your children & grandchildren & be more active for them? 

The ability to move around freely without gasping for breath?

Fight off chronic disease & enjoy its anti-aging effects. 

Feel sexier & confident! Have more choice in the clothes you are buying.

Take back control of your life span for you & your family.

Long term results if not lifelong, where diets can fail & be short lived. 

Hypnosis can treat the core issue & get to the root of weight gain.

A life saving investment for just £40 that's yours to keep.

Paypal payments to: [email protected] 

or a bank transfer is possible if preferred - contact me for details via the contact form today!

More questions? Just ask.