Smoking Cessation Hypnosis

So many obvious benefits from quitting smoking & I know it can be stopped in ONE session of personalised hypnosis here at Lucid 

Did you know that in just 48 hours you can rid your body of all traces of nicotine?

Ladies, in one month your appearance is much improved & has become less wrinkled

In one year your risk of a heart attack is reduced by half

Achievable results in no time & there is no time like the present because every cigarette you are having now is reducing your life by years & possibly of those around you

Choose from traditional hypnosis & pay per appointment - £70 per

Or go for the bootcamp option which is a brilliant package of three visits: one discussion based meeting followed by two personalised hypnosis sessions which include post-hypnotic suggestions that may well see you become a permanent non smoker - £195 one off fee